Thursday, November 21, 2013

Response to whether Clergy are repressing Depression

Clergy and Depression

I am not certain if Pastors or members of the "Body of Christ" are repressing depression or if there is not sufficient training to raise awareness about the symptoms of depression and it's manifestation within the Church.  Mental Illness is depicted throughout the Bible, but is not necessarily labeled the way we now classify people from the DSM IV-TR or the DSM- V. Living with any type of illness can create some degree of shame and humiliation because the question(s) of faith will be tossed in your face. Therefore, it is easier to hold things to yourself and let the hurt penetrate your soul to the point of destruction for some.  There is also an inherent duty that is attached to being in the ministry and not being able to hold to that principle, is devastating for some. Despite what I hold to be true or false the loss of one life because of significant pain, sorrow and grief is too many losses. There is no way to predict if someone would actually succeed in their suicidal attempt, but is there anything wrong with asking for help, taking psychotropic medication or being hospitalized when you don't have the strength to believe in the hope of your calling? Or the better question, if I have convinced myself that nothing will change, how would you get me to restructure my thoughts to see things differently? Proverbs 23:7(a) For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he: the power of mental persuasion is tremendous and a difficult battle to fight alone.

By: LaQuita Suggs Ricks, LCSW

(AKA) LaQuita Suggs, LCSW